Website Url Changes

Hey, there!

There is a website change in the url. This mostly matters if you have my site bookmarked or publishing in a feed. You will want to make an edit wherever you have bookmarked my website urls.

Now is the “house” for all of my projects and sites. You can go there to find links to my Spiritual Journey ministry, The Larissa Monologues, etc. I made this change because with all of my ever-evolving projects, I wanted to streamline them into one main site under my name.

Please bear with me as I try to work out website forwarding issues. I majored in THEATRE for crying out loud.

If all this is way too technical for you, just ignore this announcement. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.


I’m on The Huffington Post!

How to Get Free From Being Spiritually Stuck

Um, can I do a happy dance and spray champagne into the air?

Last week I became a contributing writer for Huffington Post!

Here’s my first published article: 10 Ways to Get Free From Being Spiritually Stuck

If you want to follow future articles, go here to my author archive. You can subscribe to the feed, or “become a fan” to receive emails letting you know when I’ve published something new.

I am excited about contributing to HuffPo, and hope you can join me there!