The Morning After


Yesterday, the day of November 8, I held my breath in anticipation and hope. Hope is a vulnerable thing. Hope recognizes one’s desires, and holds those desires like gems in the palm of an open hand.

This morning, I find myself flooded with many thoughts and feelings and questions. I am meandering through all the emotions, trying to find solid ground. I feel grief, anxiety, anger, disappointment, fear. I also hold my deepest beliefs tightly – my belief that there is God, and through him there is always hope, always love, always goodness.

We’re complex creatures, we humans. So I suppose that we can have the grace to allow ourselves and each other to have the true feelings and beliefs that we each carry. Perhaps on a day like today we can simply examine our hearts, and allow each other to do the same.

We also each have the power and responsibility to choose how we will move forward today. I encourage you to consider along with me how you will proceed today. Here is how I am moving forward:

I will allow myself to feel the way I feel.

I will allow others to feel the way they feel.

I will consider how my words and attitude today influence others.

I will be kind, no matter what.

I will teach my kids to be kind, no matter what.

I will turn to God as my companion and shepherd.

I will listen to others with compassion.

I will act toward others, particularly the marginalized, with compassion.

That is my list for today. Perhaps, and very likely, it will evolve in the coming days. But this is my list for today.

How will you move forward today?

4 thoughts on “The Morning After

  1. I awoke to a surprise on Wednesday. I had worked through my feelings about the outcome that I had expected. I knew that this nation and her people are strong enough to overcome the polarity that had developed.

    The outcome was completely different. I discovered that the feelings that I had about this outcome were, while similar, required a whole new line of thought to overcome.

    We must move forward in mercy and grace. At the end of the day, I am assured of who is truly in charge. Our nation must reach out to one another and see what we share. We must focus on all that we do have and be forever thankful for it. We must allow love to flow from our hearts, not burying it in the ground for the next four years.


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