Invitation to the Journeyers Collective


Are you searching for a place of encouragement, guidance, and connection for your faith journey?

Have you ever wished you could sit with a spiritual mentor you trust and ask all your faith questions?

Do you want to experience growth in your spiritual life and be empowered to take steps closer toward God?

As a spiritual director, I encounter people from all walks of life trying to go deeper in their relationship with God. And one thing that we all need to keep growing is another spiritual journeyer who’s been there to walk alongside us. A friend, a companion, a built-in support system where you can ask for help, guidance, prayer, and encouragement. 

Well I’ve created The Journeyers Collective with you in mind. The Journeyers Collective is a gathering place for journeyers like you and me who want more of God in our daily lives.

I would love for you to join us and take a next step in your spiritual growth. Come check it out!

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