Highlights of My Trip to Indonesia

Hey there. I just got back from a two-week trip to Indonesia. It was a crazy, fun adventure.

Steve and I were invited to be part of the Arts Team for Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering 2016, an international conference of over 1,000 Christian church & ministry leaders from around the world. Our team had about one week of rehearsal, and then 8 days of performing at the conference. We did one hour-long piece, and multiple shorter sketches. Everything we performed was live-translated into six different languages.

And now I am back home with my kiddos, trying to recover from jet-lag and regain a sense of normalcy. I’m really grateful for all that I experienced on the trip.

Here are a few of the highlights:

Performing on Stage

Oh, how I missed acting! I was a theatre major in college, but since having kids, I’ve only had rare opportunities to do any theatre. In fact, the closest I come to doing any theatre these days is when I read stories out loud to my kids. It was so refreshing for my soul to act again. I absolutely relished the sensation of holding a script, discovering the story through multiple readings and revisions, allowing the characters to come to life, and helping an audience enter into another reality.




The main conference room.

Our Arts Team

We were part of a 7-person team which included our writer and director, Alison, plus actors and dancers. In reality, we all juggled lots of roles on the team. If you’ve ever worked on any project with a group of people, you know that a good team dynamic either makes or breaks the experience. Our team ended up functioning really well together. We fed off each other’s creativity, leaned into the various strengths that each person had, and truly enjoyed being together. We basically lived with each other 24/7, so it’s really incredible that we all liked each other through the very end of the trip.

13912508_10104285149772335_8452296784109260357_n (1)

Performing “The Big Story.”


Backstage antics.

Experiencing the Global Kingdom of God

The Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering happens once a generation (every ten years or so). The people attending the conference represented a diversity of countries, ministries, and movements all over the world. It was powerful to hear and see the work of God in these leaders’ lives.


One of the morning sketches, “Confusion.”

A Taste of Indonesia

Indonesia is a beautiful, welcoming place. The conference was held at a college campus in Jakarta. During our stay, we enjoyed eating delicious Indonesian food like nasi goreng (fried rice), rendang (beef curry), and bandrek (warm, spiced ginger drink). We learned simple phrases in Indonesian, like terima kasih (thank you) and good morning (selamat pagi). Trips by taxi sent us through the various neighborhoods of the city. We spent most of our time rehearsing and performing, and I would have liked to explore more of Indonesia. But what I did experience, I loved.

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