My Life in Verbs

Getting into graphic design with Canva

I discovered Canva recently, and love all the fun graphics I can create. It lets a non-design person like me make pretty things for my websites.

Learning to embrace my limits. 

Steve is gone on a 9-day trip, and in the days leading up to his departure, I nearly had an anxiety attack. I was so overwhelmed about solo parenting, particularly with our 3-year-old being so exhausting to manage. My mantra has been: embrace limits, ask for help, and let go of perfection. All of these things go against my perfectionist nature. But I’m trying! If there are other people out there working on embracing their limits, please talk to me. I need moral support.

Enjoying parenting humor like this blog post How to Raise an Excellent Toddler

When parenting my kids isn’t all rainbows and puppies, it can feel like living in an insane asylum where everyone’s screaming for milk. Funny/true perspectives on parenting with lots of f-bombs are super theraputic for me.

Writing a whole lot.

I’ve been working on various blog posts and resources for Spiritual Journey, my place to encourage and equip people in their spiritual growth. This kind of writing has been so life-giving to me, mostly because the words flow out of who I am and what I deeply care about.

Falling in love with my new Leuchtturm notebook

My journal gives order to my life. I use it for weekly calendars, goals, meal planning, brainstorming, reflective prayer times, and many different lists. The Leuchtturm is a high-quality, well-designed notebook that I love to use.

Eating all the lemon bars on brown butter shortbread I made the other day.

My kids love sweets, but decided lemon bars are not their thing. I am not fighting them on this. More for me.

Okay, your turn. What’s going on with you?

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