My Life In Verbs

Trying: to relearn the ukulele. Now that we’re back in Hawaii, I’ve been inspired to pick it up again. It’s so much easier now after years of playing guitar.

Reading: more chapter books to my kids. Right now we’re loving the zany characters and wild adventures in James and the Giant Peach. I’ve been surprised that they can sit through 4-5 chapters at a time. The book-lover in me is thrilled.

Realizing: it has been one full year since we moved from Los Angeles to Honolulu. We were packing up our lives into a 20-foot container, saying goodbye to friends, and searching for a house on Oahu. And now we’re here, settled into a completely different life.

Watching: Scandal. We just finished “The Lawn Chair” episode, a powerful treatment of the real life issue of shooting deaths of unarmed black men. It was painful, good, and emotionally riveting.

Loving: the last few weeks of summer before the kids start school. We have lots of open days with lounging around the house, getting shave ice, and playing outside.

Feeling: so excited to see some old friends who are visiting from LA. Our three families knew each other before any of us had kids, when we were in the “young married” people stage. Our friendships have been through pregnancies, birthdays, job changes, and lots of playdates at the park. I’m grateful that these friends continue to be a part of our lives.

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