Lessons from One Week of Memoirs

As I shared a few weeks ago, I’m writing memoirs for 100 days.

Today is day 9 of the challenge, and so far I feel really glad that I’m doing it. I’ve never before written so consistently, and have learned a lot about myself, writing, and creativity. Here are some of my take-aways from this first week of the project:

  • It is a fun challenge to recall meaningful people and events, and another challenge to translate the memories into words and stories. 
  • I love storytelling. It’s a powerful way to process and reflect on life. 
  • A thesaurus is invaluable. 
  • Some memories make good stories, others memories are more like snapshots. Both can be interesting and meaningful. 
  • I was a weird kid, and an even weirder adolescent. 
  • There are some memories that I have never shared with anyone until now. It has been, at times, cathartic. 
  • Writing my memoirs has drawn me to reading other people’s memoirs. 
  • I want to write with authenticity and openness, but also believe that not everything should be shared. 
  • Drawing with a black pen and crayons is fun. That said, I am definitely no great illustrator. 
You can read the memoirs at 100 Days of Memoirs or follow daily on Instagram

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