10 Things I Learned in January

At the end of each month, I write about things I learned. This practice has helped me reflect, share, and celebrate. In no particular order, here are things I learned in January:

1. I get lots of things done with the help of the Bullet Journal note taking system. For anyone who wants a simple way to stay organized and productive, I recommend checking out the website and watching the video.

2. The Serial podcast might cause me to neglect my kids for a few days. Did you get sucked into it like I did?

3. Having a five-year-old means lots of fun family game nights. We (by “we” I mean Steve) taught Aaron how to play some of our favorite board games, including Settlers of CatanCarcasonne, King of Tokyo, and Alhambra. Goodbye, dumb games like Candy Land and War.

4. It feels good to finished a long-term project. I’ve been taking classes to be certified as a spiritual director, and just completed my last class a few days ago…yay!

5. How to stand up paddle board. 

6. A few organization changes makes a kid bedroom so much more enjoyable. With some clothes pins, twine, and clear plastic containers, I feel like the chaos of kids’ stuff is way more manageable.

7. Saying goodbye is part of life. There are so many moments where a goodbye is needed – moving, transitioning from one thing to the next, leaving a dream behind, death. I’ve been learning a little about the art of how to journey through some goodbyes lately.

8. Our kids love going to the dentist. This is a strange phenomenon because I’m pretty sure I was born hating visits to the dentist. But for some reason, our kids were delighted to take x-rays, get their teeth cleaned, and receive a new toothbrush. A win for dental hygiene!

9. I tried to love the much-heralded Boyhood, but alas, I did not. 

10. A few wise, timely words from a trusted friend can bring healing, relief, and wisdom. I’m grateful for my husband, Cathy, and Sandy, who each spoke life-giving words to me recently. 

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