My Christmas Wishlist

Dear Santa, 
I know I stopped believing in your existence around Christmas 1987 (and then subsequently told all my younger cousins that you were a parental lie). But if you can make any of these things happen this year, that would be fantastic.
Here are a few things I would love for Christmas:
  1. For Christmas cookies to have the nutritional value of kale.
  2. A good night of sleep. “Good” meaning 8 hours that aren’t interrupted by my bladder or sore hips. 
  3. For my kids to forget the existence of the song Gangnam Style.
  4. Trader Joe’s to expand to Hawaii. I mean, c’mon, your employees wear Aloha shirts! What’s the hold up, TJ’s?
  5. A personal home barista to make gingerbread lattes for me. 
  6. For my toddler to become instantaneously potty trained.
  7. A satisfying end to How to Get Away With Murder. 
Thanks, Santa. Have a good one.
– Larissa

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