Happy Things for the Solo Parent

Steve is away this week on a work trip. He usually has these trips about once a month, so we’re learning how to make it work with our family life. On my end, even though we’ve done this a few times, I still need to intentionally find ways to help the kids and myself thrive. Here are a few happy things I’ve been doing this week to enjoy the solo parenting:

1. Go on a walk with my toddler.
2. Take a trip to Starbucks and guiltlessly splurge for a gingerbread latte.
3. Try a new haircut. 
4. Bake and cook with the kids. Aaron wanted to make mochi, so that’s our fun activity for this afternoon. 
5. Facetime or text with Steve when I need to connect with my faraway spouse. 
6. Do spontaneous things with the kids. Unplanned trip to Costco because the kids enjoy the samples…why not? Say yes to things they want to do (unless it’s Aaron asking if I will play the card game War with him. Then it is ALWAYS no.)
7. Have lots of story time with the kids on the couch. 
8. Take naps while my toddler naps. 
9. Ask a friend to watch the kids so I can be alone for a few hours. 
10. Cook simple, quick meals.
11. Go to sleep earlier than usual. 
12. Connect with friends who get me.
13. Watch Top Chef, Parenthood, or other fun, mindless TV.
14. Be okay with less showers, messier floors, and dirty laundry.
15. Stretch and do yoga. 
16. Give kids some crayons, Scotch tape, and paper. Let them create!
17. Read.
18. Take a few deep breaths and let go of expectations for how things “should go.”

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