Empty Yet Full

“I feel like I have very little energy, but still so much to give.”

This is what I told a friend the other day while we chatted on the phone.

Physically, I am downright tired. Halfway through this pregnancy with our third child, I am waddling around with a heavy belly. Every movement takes more effort, sleep is an uncomfortable battle, and I need to muster up all my internal resources to just make it through the day. After our two kids get into bed, and the dishes are done, and I can finally just lay down, I feel spent.

And yet…

There is something happening in the deeper parts of me that is energizing. I feel my spirit filling and stirring with love and joy and hope. I have a growing sense of vision for my own life, and a confidence that I have so much to pour into other people. When I think about our growing family, relationships with friends and neighbors, and even interactions with strangers, I get excited about the possibilities of experiencing more of this love, joy, and hope. And I feel certain that the pool of resources doesn’t come from me, but that I have unlimited access to it.

“If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink.” This is the invitation that reverberates in my soul these days. Embrace your emptiness, and be filled.

And as it goes from a nice thought to an experienced reality, the invitation and Inviter seems like the best gift I could ever dream of receiving.

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