10 Things I Learned in June

At the end of each month, I write about things I learned. This practice has helped me pay attention to life, myself, and God’s presence. In no particular order, here are 10 things I learned in June:

1. As Steve and I celebrate 8 years of marriage, I am so grateful for all the joy and adventure we’ve had together. Here’s to much more!

2. I might enjoy the Lego Movie more than my kids. We’ve seen the movie several times, and I think I laugh more with each viewing.

3. I am a better person when I get some regular time of quiet and solitude. 

4. Fear of the unknown can be worse than the actual experience. I learned this lesson from riding The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at California Adventure. Steve had to nearly drag me onto the ride, I was so anxious. The ride itself ended up being thrilling and enjoyable enough for us to hop on two more times.

5. I can’t wear a white shirt for more than 3 minutes before it’s dirty. The main culprits: my kids and my klutziness with food and beverages.

6. World Cup soccer is the single sport I will watch by myself.

7. My mom inspires me to grow and learn. She worked for Hawaii’s governor, is currently teaching university classes, and just began classwork to obtain a doctorate. All at the age of 60.

8. There is a French bakery down the street that serves this amazing new-to-me dessert Gâteau Basque. Days after eating one, I am still haunted by its deliciousness.

Gâteau Basque from Etchea Bakery

9. You can save a lot of money by growing your hair out. When my hair was shorter, I got a haircut about once a month, and the cost really added up. Now days, I just give my long hair a trim with cutting shears and layers with thinning shears. Inexpensive and quick.

10. A few things that are greatly improving my quality of life this month are: ice coffee in the afternoon, sweet cherries, and Sam Smith’s sultry voice.

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