My Life in Verbs

Realizing… there are far too many things to get angry/concerned about (hello, every article on FB). Sometimes usually it’s okay to just choose to not get so worked up over every issue. Choose the battles, right?

Trying… to plan our Farewell Los Angeles party. Excited to throw one last big hurrah with our friends.

Loving… coconut water. I know, it’s so trendy right now. But I love how refreshing and summer-y it is. 

The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. I saw the movie years ago (liked it), and really love the novel. 

Anticipating… our final month and a half in Los Angeles. There are several trips, house projects, Aaron’s summer break from school, our farewell party, and oh yeah, packing and moving. We’re counting down the days!

Grieving… several friends who have recently died or had a family member die. The pain of losing people is awful. 

Enjoying… the beautiful outside. I love my morning walks, and afternoons at the park with my kids.

Hoping… to find the time to write. Things feel so busy, and it’s been a challenge to sit down and do things that take brainwork. 

What have you been up to recently? Share a verb or two of your own in the comments.

One thought on “My Life in Verbs

  1. For some reason I haven't been getting your posts! I had no idea you were moving. Sounds like this is a good thing though so congrats on following your heart and trusting God.


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