10 Things I Learned in March

At the end of each month, I write a post about things I learned. This practice has helped me pay attention to life, myself, and God’s presence. In no particular order, here are 10 things I learned in March:

1. Having an ice cream machine is great in that it produces amazing ice cream. It is not so great in that we’re trying to cut down on our sugar intake. Steve made vanilla custard ice cream, and I swear I can hear it wooing me from the freezer.

2. Aaron’s preschool teacher is a wise woman. While discussing whether or not to seek out speech therapy resources for him, she reminded me to let our hearts (rather than our fears) dictate the decision. When she said that, it really resonated with me. I’m grateful for amazing people like her who are so invested in our kids.

3. How to use the triple nod in conversation as an effective communication tool.

4. I really love my brothers. I mean, I sort of knew that before, but I’m realizing just how thankful I am for these two guys. Stuart is currently in Thailand producing a film about Bangkok’s slums, poverty and sex trafficking. Adrian is a parent, husband, and campus minister at Stanford University (changing the lives of world changers). Both are pretty great men.

5. I cannot seem to remember how old I am. Every once in a while, I’ll draw a serious blank, and think, “Wait, am I 33 or 34?” Steve will gently remind me that I’m 33. And that, folks, is why having a husband in my elderly years will be a good thing.

6. Starbucks wins for effective branding. Alex (19-months) was looking at my iPhone, and excitedly exclaimed, “ca-ca!” (her word for coffee) over and over while pointing at the Starbucks app.  This really says something about the power of the Starbucks logo. Or it says something about how much coffee I drink. Either way, scary.

7. When I am given full freedom to teach a group of people about any topic, I gravitate toward big ideas. I’m working on a 30-minute sermon (my last one as a campus minister at USC), and decided to teach on life and death. You know, minor concepts. It might be compelling, it might be crazy. We’ll see.

8. Nothing is so simultaneously horrifying and hilarious having an elderly Asian man calling you a f*cker for almost rear ending his car in a parking lot. Hopefully he heard my apology despite my attempt to stifle laughter. Do not piss off elderly Asians.

9. Even though I have experienced significant change and healing, my fears and insecurities still exist. I was reminded of this last week when I reacted to a rather straightforward comment from my husband with anger, defensiveness, fear, and shame. And so the journey toward wholeness continues. I’m grateful for a gracious husband and generous God.

10. That a simple hug and “I love you” can create connection and safety. This reality seems to be true for any people of age, from my young kids to my mid-30’s husband.

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