Rhythm For Life

We all have rhythms in our lives. 

Some of them happen naturally, like the rhythm of eating breakfast in the morning. Other rhythms take intentionality and discipline, like the rhythm of spending time with a friend who lives farther away. 

A “rhythm for life” is a simple statement of personal rhythms that you choose to practice to intentionally center your life on what is important to you.

If we want a certain kind of life, it’s the daily and weekly rhythms that will determine whether or not that life actually becomes your reality. 

For instance, I want to be as physically healthy as possible. Rhythms that help my physical health include sleeping about 7-8 hours per night, doing physical activity like yoga or running, eating vegetables, having one day a week of rest. These are the things that nurture my physical health, and so I choose to practice these rhythms. 

A side note about health – our physical, mental, emotional, social health are very much interconnected. If we’re nurturing one area of our lives, then oftentimes other areas are effectively nurtured.

When was the last time you considered your own life rhythms? Are you satisfied with them? Is there an area of your life where you want to change particular rhythms? Consider developing some personal rhythms for life that create space for what you want to do and who you want to be.

Creating a Rhythm for Life

The following reflections can help you develop a rhythm of life:

  1. Who do you want to become? What is most important to you? What do you currently do to realize your goals and longings?
  2. What practices and rhythms help you thrive spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally? What hinders you? What is most life-giving to you?
  3. Choose several rhythms or disciplines that arise from your desire for your life that suit your limits and realities. Begin your practice. 

Your rhythm for life can (and should) change when it begins to not fit. Life is full of transitions. Allow your rhythm for life to evolve as you grow and change. 

My Rhythm for Life

This isn’t by any means extensive, but it captures some of the primary rhythms that are important for me right now:

  • Begin and end each day with a quiet moment with God.
  • Go through my Daily Checklist
  • Stretch and do yoga.
  • Read and reflect on Journey to the Cross, a Lent devotional. 
  • Go for a run 2-3 times per week.
  • Have regular dates with my husband.
  • Meet with my spiritual director once a month.
  • Have a weekly Sabbath.
  • Talk and pray with Chante every two weeks. 

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