The Light Inside Us

The other night my son and I had the following conversation…

Aaron: Mom, did you know I have light inside me? And I can give it away to people.
Me: Really? Who have you given it to?
Aaron: I gave some away to Samantha in my class. And to Walter and his family. They are very sick, and don’t have much of their own light.
Me: Oh, so we can give away our light to other people?
Aaron: Yeah, like this. (he closes his eyes, then deeply inhales and exhales) There, I shared my light with you!
Me: Oh, can I do that too?
Aaron: Yes. Let’s do it together.
We both breathe our light toward each other. 
Me: Can we share our light with anyone?
Aaron: Sure! I have a ton of light to share with people. Especially people who are sad or sick.
Me: Well then let’s keep sharing our light with people. Who else should we give it to?

In this manner, we continued sharing our light with people. People like my friend Ben, who’s very sick. And our friend Sarah, who has been discouraged.

Sometimes I’m awestruck at how much can go on in a 4-year-old’s spirit. Through my son, I was reminded of how simple and beautiful the world is.

May we all be conscious of our own light, and know how to share it with others today.

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