The Not-To-Do List

This week I decided to quit a few things. Life has become saturated with obligations, busyness, unimportant tasks, and burdens that I am tired of lugging around. It’s time to simplify, and make some space for things that are actually important to me. So here it is, my Not-To-Do List:
  1. Do not read a book if it hasn’t connected with you by Chapter 3. 
  2. Do not say yes to every task/appointment/concern, particularly if it does not fit your current job description or personal priorities.
  3. Do not worry about dust on the bookshelves and crumbs on the floor.
  4. Do not buy generic, cheap toilet paper.
  5. Do not apologize when an apology isn’t warranted.
  6. Do not eat the bits of food leftover on your kids’ plates.
  7. Do not skip your Daily Checklist.
  8. Do not be online all day long.
  9. Do not rush through a meal.
  10. Do not enter Target without a specific shopping list.
  11. Do not forget to treat people like people. Smile, say hello, and be courteous.
  12. Do not eat food unless it is a) good for your body, b) good for your soul, or c) good for your body and soul.
  13. Do not worry about having enough, being enough, or doing enough.

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