DIY Project: Wine Cork Stamp

Did you know wine corks can be turned into stamps?

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I thought it would be fun to make a heart-shaped stamp. Aaron’s preschool is requesting that each child bring a Valentine for the whole class. That’s 33 little Valentine’s that we need to make! I refuse to buy them from a store (because yech), so am going the simple, homemade route.

To make your own stamp, all you need are a wine cork and x-acto knife. It takes just a few minutes, and you end up with a cute little handmade stamp! Use it to make cards, or give it away as a gift. I’ll be saving wine corks from now on!

DIY Wine Cork Stamp


  • Pen
  • Wine cork
  • Sharp x-acto knife (like this one)


1. With pen, draw your design on one end of the cork. Make a simple design or shape, so it’s easy to cut.

2. Cut around the design by sticking the knife about 1/4 inch down, tracing the entire shape.

3. Slice into the cork sideways about 1/4 inch, slowly slicing out the edges from the design. Carefully chip away excess cork bits with knife. 

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