A Letter to Myself On My 33rd Birthday

Dear Larissa, 

Happy 33rd birthday!

You’re in your THIRTIES – a vague time period that, as a kid, seemed to sing of old, moderately disillusioned lady teachers wearing pearls and frocks. Clearly that was a weird, immature perception. Your thirties have been awesome.

This year you enjoyed a whole lot of parenting moments, spiritual formation, and risk taking. With learning how to do life with a part-time ministry job, two young kids, a husband in full-time ministry, living in community with seven other friends, and planting a missional church, it has been abundant with chaos, messiness, adventure, and fun. Life is stretching you to grow in grace and humility.

In fact, a lot of this year has been characterized by embracing imperfection and experiencing God’s grace. You consider yourself a recovering perfectionist, which involves accepting how things are rather than how you imagine they should be. Your kids help this process along, constantly reminding you that joy and sacred moments and creativity can be found in engaging with the present moment.

Also, you are learning how vital the habit of gratitude is. The simple practice of gratefulness continues to deepen your joy, contentment, and peace. Especially during those days when you have fussy children, a pile of laundry to do, and the inclination to tear your hair out.

You’re a little more authentic and courageous these days. Believing more and more in your inherent value and worth, you’re less prone to insecurity and fear. You are taking more risks as a leader, making decisions out of conviction, and more free from what others may think of you. Less mom fear, and more just being a mom. If this is the trajectory that comes with progressing in age, then bring it on!

You and Steve are smack dab in the middle of making some pretty major life transitions. This has been both frightening and exhilarating, and has been such an area of growth and partnership in your marriage. I wonder if, years later, this will be a year that was particularly foundational and catalytic for “the rest of your life.” It has been a time rich with God’s tangible and supernatural presence and voice.

There is so much to be grateful for. Two healthy, joy-filled, unique children. A marriage that is a relationship of vulnerability, faith, and partnership. An expanding vision for how our lives might fit into God’s greater purposes. Friendships that are life-giving and faith-expanding. A God who is kind, good, and with you in every moment of every day.

– Larissa

Today was a good day. Here’s what you did:

Ate pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for breakfast
Fancied up the nails
 Lounged with these two munchkins

Drank a rose water martini
Bought some cute, comfy pewter flats

Had caramel brownies for dessert

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