This Thanksgiving, I am grateful for…

  1. A year of major changes that are adventurous and exciting.
  2. My husband of 7 years who still loves me and makes me laugh.
  3. Crack pie.
  4. A body that can run a few miles, give birth to babies, and dance around the kitchen.
  5. Living next door to my brother.
  6. Dark roast coffee.
  7. Our wild, hilarious, curious children.
  8. Amazon Prime.
  9. Our neighbor Alice who plants stuff in our garden and always stops by to say hello.
  10. Siblings (by both marriage and birth) who have become true friends.
  11. Good health insurance.
  12. Supernatural moments that remind me of God’s presence.
  13. The ability to eat whatever I want with zero dietary restrictions.
  14. Friends and family who love and raise our kids with us.
  15. Living in warm, temperate weather.
  16. Weekly phone calls with my Mom and Dad.
  17. Learning how to live in the present with joy.
  18. Time with mom friends and kids at the park.
  19. My blog where I can write, process, and interact with readers.
Happiest of Thanksgivings to you, friends. May it be abundant with gratitude and contentment!

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