10 Things I Learned in October

At the end of each month, I write a post about things I learned. This practice has helped me pay attention to life. In no particular order, here are 10 things I learned in October:

1. If you’re going to eat dessert, make it worth it. None of that pseudo-healthy junk made with alternative sweeteners. Give me the real stuff with sugar and butter and true love. Like Crack Pie.
2. My little boy has reached the life stage where the words “poop,” “butts,” and “boogers” are endlessly funny. Males are weird.

3. How to properly sharpen knives, brunoise shallots, and make steak tartare. Shout out to my friend and culinary hero Chef D’Arcy Letourneau for letting me run amok in his kitchen and teaching me so much about food.

4. I should never ever remove my wedding ring from my hand. Thankfully, I discovered it in a clothes drawer after missing it for 6 days. 
5. Korean massages (at least the ones offered in Los Angeles’ Korea Town) are super painful, and will leave you bruised and jacked up for 2-3 days.

6. My husband is very capable at taking the kids for the entire weekend, and allowing me to take a few days away. I do not, in any way, take that for granted.
7. With two kids to dress for Halloween this year, I was unmotivated to go the elaborate DIY/homemade route. I shamelessly ordered Aaron’s Sully (from Monster’s Inc.) costume online. Thank you, Amazon Prime. And I sort of created a simple Boo (also Monster’s Inc.) costume for Alex with a purple hoodie and yarn. Not Pinterest-worthy, but good enough to deserve some of my kids’ Halloween candy.
8. I have reached the point in my life when joining a wine club seems like a reasonable way to spend $60. I am so mature.
9. The perfect book can capture hope, sadness, humor, and the riches of our humanity. One of those beautiful books? The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.
10. Forgetting to pack a coat while venturing on a trip into snow-filled mountains is a bad move.

What did you learn in October?

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