10 Things I Learned in August

At the end of each month, I write a post about things I learned. This practice has helped me pay attention to life. Some lessons are deep, some are mundane. 

In no particular order, here are 10 things I learned in August:
1. I cannot properly say the word “multiplicative.” Unfortunately for me, this word has become a popular term in some of the ministry & church circles I am in. It would be lovely if I could actually say it, but I just can’t. The word gets jumbled on my tongue, and comes out sounding more like, “mulclipicative.” 
2. Monopoly is one of the worst games ever created. In the beginning, the game is fun enough. You get to spend your money on property, hoping you get the good locations. But then midway through, Monopoly turns into a never-ending loop of circling the board, paying opponents rent, and collecting just enough money to make you think the game’s going to finish. But it NEVER finishes. No one wins, and you lose three hours of your life. 

3. I’ve been using the wrong toilet plunger all this time! And dispensing aluminum foil all wrong!

4. When I am surrounded by courageous people, I am more likely to be courageous. So many people around me seem to be taking bold steps of risk. People like Sarah. And Ingrid. And Chante. I am inspired by these friends to push out into new, unknown territory in my own life.
5. Fresh kale needs to be massaged. This step, which I used to skip, transforms kale leaves from bitter and tough to silky and tender. This LA Times article explains the secret to massaged kale.
6. Glittery nail polish will significantly increase the fabulous quotient in your day.

7. Our daughter can go to sleep on her own. And by “on her own” I mean without me nursing her for 30 minutes, which was our little deal up until one week ago. Now we give her a pacifier, lay her in her crib with a goodnight kiss, and leave her in peace. Hooray!

8. One of the best ways to make me really angry is to put me in a scenario where I am ignored or dishonored because of my gender or ethnicity. HATE THAT.

9. In many ways, I am still adjusting to having my primary work and ministry be motherhood. More on that later.

10. Muse’s song Madness. Pure perfection. 

What did you learn last month?
For more “things I learned” by other cool people, check out Emily’s link-up at her blog Chatting at the Sky.

7 thoughts on “10 Things I Learned in August

  1. Interesting how we learn new things everyday which is a blessing. When you have a chance check out my blog I recently updated the blog with my trip to San Antonio and Savannah. God Bless!


  2. I am visiting from Emily's today and we are neighbors! I love your list… You've intrigued me about the plunger and foil now… I agree completely with 2, 4, 6, & 8… I have heard that about Kale – but seriously? How long of a massage does it need? I mostly juice it – but that it because – well – I haven't given in to the massage process to actually eat it raw!? Fun list!


  3. I cannot pronounced the word “ambulance.” It always comes out as “ambliance” which is fine when you're talking to tiny people, but when you're trying to explain a medically related mini-crisis to co-workers and cannot pronounced the word correctly? Shame. There is shame.




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