Happy 1st Birthday, Alexandra

Dear Alex,

Happy birthday, our little one-year-old!

One year ago, you entered this world with a bang – three weeks early, but healthy as could be. You were born in Honolulu, Hawaii while our family was on a ministry sabbatical (and you can bet we’re keeping original copies of your birth certificate). After a difficult labor induced by Pitocin, your frail, red self arrived. You weighed 4 pounds 13 ounces, and looked ridiculously tiny in premie clothes. But we made it work.

You were feisty from the beginning. When you’re upset, you really let everyone know it with gut-level, piercing cries and a scrunched up, crimson face. But then your pacifier or a hug (usually from me) will quickly soothe you. We joke that if you’re this dramatic now, your adolescent years are going to be truly tumultuous. Your eyes light up as you observe people around you, and you really love social interaction. When you laugh, it is magical.

As you learn to use your voice, you make all sorts of sounds – “dada,” “baba,” and most notably, growls. You growl like a monster, and are even more encouraged when we do it back to you. This makes all of us (especially your brother) laugh hysterically.

Year one of your life has been filled with so many new things. Rolling over, crawling, and now walking. You traveled by plane, took road trips, got dedicated at church, went camping, visited many beaches, and moved across the Pacific Ocean. Your front teeth have come in, and you’ve moved on past purees into solid food.

You love clapping, waving bye, kissing Dad, bouncing on the bed with Aaron, hugging your baby doll, dumping dirt onto your head, eating graham crackers and cheese, dancing to music, bath time, playing with friends at the park, and snuggling onto people’s shoulders.

Every day with you is a gift and grace.

I love you, my daughter!


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