My Summer Plans

This weekend felt so ultra summery. It was hot, hot, hot in LA. Our kids spent most of the time with minimal clothes on, we had the AC going, watched movies, grilled outside, lounged with friends, and drank lemonade slushes. It was wonderful.

Now that summer has arrived, there are some things I hope & plan to do:

  • Visit Madison, Wisconsin. We’re spending a week there. Steve will be doing some InterVarsity training, and the kids and I are tagging along. There are lots to do in the city, and there is childcare provided by our work. Fun adventures!
  • Read. I just finished Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne, which I highly recommend to parents. I have a stack of books on my nightstand, waiting to be devoured.
  • Eat lots of fresh summer produce. Strawberries! Peaches! Plums! Southern California is a mecca of fruit these days.
  • Go camping. Like real camping with the tent, sleeping bags, s’mores and hotdogs. We’re planning a group camping trip in July and I can’t wait!
  • Take the kids on a train ride in Griffith Park. 
  • Plan Alex’s first birthday. We’ll do something fun in early August to celebrate our baby girl turning one.
  • BBQs and game nights with friends. We started playing 7 Wonders, which is a great game.
  • Simplify our home and schedule. Inspired and challenged by Simplicity Parenting (mentioned above), I’m limiting my phone/computer use, getting rid of the television in the kids’ room, and donating/selling a bunch of things. 
  • Enjoy Steve’s summer drinks. He just launched his website The Everyday Mixologist, where he shares favorite cocktail recipes and videos. You should also note my amazing behind-the-camera skills.
  • Play outside. There are so many parks, beaches, mountains, and other outdoor possibilities around us in LA.

2 thoughts on “My Summer Plans

  1. Hi Larissa! Hope you guys have been well.

    Just wanted to let you know I saw your recommendation for Simplicity Parenting the other month and borrowed it from the library. I really liked his thoughts on making sure toys don't have pre-defined functions which would limit the kids' creativity. Grace was telling me that the other day Elisa used her little folding table as a boat, chair, bed, blanket, and more! On the lookout for avoiding all the crazy toys.

    So, thanks for sharing. Blessings on the family!


  2. Hi Brian! So glad you got a chance to read it. Since reading it, my perspective & methods with parenting (and more generally, life) are so different. Quieter, simpler, and more peaceful.

    Blessings to you as well!


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