Alexandra – 10 Month Update

Alex is so much fun right now. Like giggling, squealing, enjoying every bit of life fun.

She’s kind of walking now, able to stand on her own and take a solid 4-5 steps. It is very odd to see such a tiny person walk. She is incredibly excited at this newfound skill, and shrieks with delight when she walks from one person to another.

I’ve given up on figuring out her nap rhythms. Some days she has two solid naps, other days she catnaps 4 times. Totally unpredictable, but somehow we’ve managed alright. Sleep at night is okay, other than her being wide awake and ready to start her day around 6:30am.

She makes funny sounds, like dinosaur growls and bird chirps, and says, “baa-baa” on repeat.

Her inedible snack of choice are books and paper. I’m not kidding. If given several minutes alone with a book, she will take large bites out of pages and swallow them up. My copy of Anne of Green Gables looks like it was attacked by hungry wolves. I’m crossing my fingers that this habit wanes, and our daughter doesn’t join the likes of My Strange Addiction.

She loves splashing in the pool, eating cheese, crawling super fast, clapping her hands, and giving high-fives.

Happy 10 Months, sweet daughter!

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