10 Things I Learned in April

In no particular order, here are 10 things I learned this past month:

1. A bag of Whoppers Robin Eggs candy disappears very, very quickly in our house.

2. My best days begin with the following: coffee + exercise + a Tim Keller sermon on podcast. 

3. When inspiration hits, you just have to jump onto the wave and ride it. I recently became inspired and excited about an area of work that used to be boring and frustrating. It’s amazing what a paradigm shift can do!

4. Parenthood brings out the very best and very worst in me. 

5. I should not walk through the clothes section of Target. Somehow all sorts of items end up in my cart by the time I arrive at the register. Hey, multiple tank tops…how’d you get there?! This Chinese girl cannot pass up a $5.69 blouse on clearance.

6. Demetri Martin is just as funny in person as he is on TV. We sat in a Q & A time with him at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.

7. You can regrow lettuce in a cup of water. We now have several bunches of lettuce sitting atop our windowsill, reaching for the sun with their little leaves. Amazing.

8. On a very rare occasion when the stars align, Steve and I can both stay awake for the duration of a movie.

9. Teaching life lessons to a group of college seniors on the brink of graduation is one of my favorite areas of my job.

10. The performances on the Voice are great, but even better are the commentary and interactions of the judges. I love them all! And on a side note, I briefly tuned in to American Idol recently, and was left with the conclusion that Nicki Minaj is a disaster. 

What did you learn in April?

3 thoughts on “10 Things I Learned in April

  1. You can also regrow green onions. Put the roots in a cup of water on the windowsill and within an hour or two you can actually see where they have started growing back out the green and white stalk part. So awesome.



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