Alexandra – 8 Months Old

Our little daughter turns 8 months old today!

Somehow in the last few weeks she went from scooting to crawling. She happily cruises around the house, mostly following family members around or finding bits of food to shove in her mouth. She can even stand herself up against furniture, so we’re guessing she’ll be walking on the early end. Baby proofing time!

Teething has been awful. It has basically been a month of pain, wakeful sleep, and runny nose. Two bottom teeth are starting to peek out from her gums. Hopefully each subsequent tooth doesn’t wreak such havoc.

As of yesterday, she is now sleeping in a crib and sharing a room with Aaron (graduating from a Pack N Play in Steve’s closet). We’ll see how two kids in the same room works out. Tips on nap time would be appreciated, fellow parents.

She clings to me like a koala bear, and generally cries when others hold her. I find that simultaneously endearing (yay, she loves me!) and tiring (boo, I am carrying this baby all the time with no break!). I remember Aaron going through a “I prefer Mom” stage, though not nearly as bad.

I have an endless list of silly nicknames for her, including Pookie Poo, Stinker, Missy Moo, Sweetie Pie, Mini Me, Booger, Snuggle Bug, and Littles. Aaron refers to Alex by some of these names as well, making me laugh when he says to Alex, “Aw…hi, Sweetie!”

Alex loves sweet potato and carrot puree, story time, riding swings at the park, snuggling in my neck and shoulder, chewing on anything we give her, staring at people, and baths with Aaron.

Life with our sweet Alex has been full of laughter and joy.

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