10 Things I Learned in March

In no particular order, here are 10 things I learned this past month:

1. Sickness is given in a family with young kids. Some days you just have to cancel appointments and stay near a box of tissues.

2. Some movies (Argo! Silver Linings Playbook!) actually do live up to the hype.

3. The best church can happen in a living room with a handful of people trekking along the spiritual journey together.

4. If I exercise and eat well most of the time, I can fully and completely enjoy things like chocolate peanut butter cake once in a while.

5. You get odd glances if you go to the hardware store to buy large pieces of lumber while wearing a baby in a Bjorn carrier. But you also receive lots of help!

6. I can survive without Facebook.

7. There is always a good reason to make lemon bars. Baby showers, birthday parties, Tuesdays…

8. There’s no perfect formula for parenting. When that lesson is learned, there is more freedom, joy, and fun.

9. The Enneagram is so incredibly insightful.
10. If pressed for time (which is often, these days), I can take a shower in 2 minutes.

Any particular things you learned this month?

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