Life In Verbs

Hello. I am still here, I promise!

We’ve had so many things going on since the new year began. We traveled from Maui to Oahu to Los Angeles. When we returned to LA from our sabbatical, there was the unpacking from 6 months, moving back into our house, sorting through mountains of mail, getting reacquainted with work, settling Aaron into a new preschool, and learning how to do all this again with a second kid in the mix. It has been fun, busy, and crazy. 

Enjoying… seeing friends. Oh, how I missed our Los Angeles community of friends! I nearly cried on different occasions when reuniting with familiar faces. 

Wanting… more SLEEP. Alex, at 5 months old, has gotten into the habit of waking 3-4 times per night to nurse. I am a walking mom zombie these days, in desperate need of rest. Sleep training with our daughter shall commence soon.

Missing… beautiful Hawaii. I miss so many things about island life. The food, the weather, our church in Honolulu, being close to my parents. Also, the cold mainland weather doesn’t help.

Wondering… how to celebrate my upcoming 32nd birthday. I’m thinking that I’ll be satisfied with a free birthday Starbucks drink and early bedtime. If that sounds a bit sad to you, give me some ideas.

Loving… decreased expectations of myself. With so many potential tasks to complete (fix meals, unpack, laundry), there is the high possibility of me becoming very overwhelmed very quickly. As a preventative measure, I am currently operating with the goal of accomplishing one important task per day. Anything beyond that is bonus. Tomorrow, for instance, I am taking Alex to the doctor for her 5-month check-up. If my hair is a mess and I forget to shower, it’s okay. Life won’t fall apart. Right???

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