What I’ve Been Doing

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone!

I haven’t been online much recently, while our family has been enjoying the holidays and the nearing end of our sabbatical. Here are some things I’ve been doing:
  • Packed up and moved out of our much loved Waikiki apartment. 
  • Flew to Maui. Getting through an airport with several kids, strollers, car seats, and suitcases was quite an ordeal. Thankfully, Hawaii airport security and staff are more pleasant than in other airports, and our kids were easygoing all day.
  • Ate copious amounts of sashimi and dessert on Christmas. 
  • Won a bottle of wine during our annual cousin White Elephant gift exchange.
  • Worked on a 3000-piece puzzle with my husband, brother and dad.
Maui is my home where I grew up, so we’ve mostly been relaxing and seeing extended family. In the first week of January we will fly back to Los Angeles, and get reacquainted with work and urban living. 
Until then, you can find me on the beach eating as much shave ice as possible. 

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