Alexandra – Four Months Old

This little cutie pie is four months old already!

She’s healthy and strong, and starting to interact more with her surroundings. She rolls onto her side, chews on toys, and notices when people pay attention to her.

Her favorite things are watching her brother, seeing herself in the mirror, when we sing to her, tickles, waking up before the sun, eating her toys, and dancing around the living room.

This coming Sunday she’s going to be dedicated at our church, and in two weeks we’ll be bringing her on her first trip to Maui. Exciting moments in the life of a baby!

4 thoughts on “Alexandra – Four Months Old

  1. Congrats! We will be traveling to Maui in August with THREE children. Last time we went we only had one and he was nine months. Can you recommend any activities geared more towards the kids? Or, do you have a post with similar info? We will be spending a lot of time on the beach of course, but anything you can recommend that is family friendly?


  2. We usually spend most of our time at the beach too! We like the outdoors, which Maui has a lot of. It depends on the kids' ages, but I recommend driving around the island to Hana, visiting Haleakala Crater Park (where you can see an amazing sunrise), and Iao Needle. Eat good food at Da Kitchen in Kahului 🙂


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