Why I Exercise

Last week I started exercising again after a two-month I-felt-too-pregnant-and-then-gave-birth break. My first workout (with my favorite personal trainer Jillian Michaels) was BRUTAL. No stamina, no muscle strength, jello jiggly core. But I pushed through. Since then, I’ve done the workout several more times, with noticeably increased energy, flexibility, and strength. I also ran 2 miles. If you know just how non-runnery I am, 2 miles is nothing short of amazing. So that’s my plan: exercise 3-4 times a week with a combination of Jillian’s 30-Day Shred DVD and running. 
In the past, I’ve experienced several times of getting back into shape, so I know that the hard work is worth it. I also know that as with anything that demands discipline, I need to be vigilant about why I want to stay physically active. If I lose focus on the vision, I’ll come up with all kinds of excuses, and never follow through. 
So here goes. These are the reasons why I exercise:
  • To be able to play, run, wrestle, and jump with my kids. 
  • I love challenging myself.
  • When I exercise, I sleep better at night, have less anxiety, and have more joy.
  • I want to cultivate healthy habits in my family. 
  • I like my body better when it is strong and toned.
  • I eat healthier when I am physically active.
  • I don’t like feeling lethargic and passive.
  • I want to wear some of my favorite jeans and dresses again.
  • I (usually) feel good while I exercise, and even better afterward.
  • So I can enjoy the occasional ice cream or burger.
  • I get one body in this lifetime, and I want to take care of it as best as I can.

Tell me, why do you exercise?

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