Hello, Alexandra!

Say hello to the newest addition to our family, Alexandra Li Wan Marks!

She arrived at about 5:45pm on Tuesday, August 7th, 2012 – nearly a month ahead of her due date. She’s a tiny little thing, entering the world at 4 lbs. and 13 oz., but strong and healthy enough to come home with us just one day after her birth. We are overjoyed to welcome her into our lives!

More on her birth story to come later, but until then, here are some photos…

 Our growing family.
Aaron holds his sister for the first time.
 These are the smallest clothes we had for her.

Worn out after her first full day of existence.
 I cannot get over how wonderful this little person is!

4 thoughts on “Hello, Alexandra!

  1. Welcome to the World Alexandria. I love her middle name, Lariss. Your family is so beautiful…very moving photos. I can't wait to hear the birth story. Aaron's was remarkable< I wont forgot it. I'm extra interested in the details these days.


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