Story Time With a Three Year Old Boy

Every night before Aaron’s bedtime, we read stories together as a family. He gets to pick any two books of his choice, and Steve and I each read one.

Recently, story time evolved into “Stories in the Dark.” Several weeks ago, Aaron wanted to turn all the bedroom lights off, and have us tell stories rather than read books. When asked what subjects  he wanted the stories to be about, he said, “Ice cream and balloons.” So I told a story about ice cream, and Steve told a story about balloons. This is now the nighttime ritual. We get to make up stories, and exercise our imaginations as we spin tales of animals, airplanes and adventures.

The thing is, Aaron somehow got it into his head that the topic of poop is the most entertaining. So now we have to create stories around poop. More specifically, he has been wanting stories about monkeys throwing poop. SIGH.

I get to end the day with my son by making up some tale that starts like this, “This is a story about Bob the Zookeeper and his crazy poop-flinging monkeys…”

At least I’m getting good material for my future as a children’s author. I’m currently taking poop illustration submissions.

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