Hawaii Highlights

We have been on Oahu, Hawaii for a month now, and are enjoying our time here. There are tons of things to do, and we find ourselves keeping more physically active. 

Our daily routine seems to have formed into leisurely breakfast, morning outing (usually involving the beach or a walk around the neighborhood), lunch at home, afternoon naps, dinner, get Aaron to bed, free time for the parents (either watching an episode of Breaking Bad, a movie, or reading), and crash into a deep slumber. Steve and I are both in awe of how much sleep we are getting here, which is probably a testament to just how tired we both have been for the last few months or years. 
Other highlights from Hawaii:

Shave ice, one of Hawaii’s favorite desserts. We are loyal customers of Waiola’s Shave Ice, where they serve amazing powdery ice covered in fruity syrups and condensed milk. Perfect afternoon treat on a hot summer day.

Loads of books from the nearby public library. Reminiscent of my adolescent years, I have a constant mountain of books sitting around the house. With more free time these days, I’m reading about 2-3 books a week. It’s heaven.

Every few days we go to the beach, which is a short three blocks away from our apartment. We play in the sand and waves, soak in the sun, and let life’s worries melt away.

We got to meet Hawaii’s Governor Neil Abercrombie at the State Capitol. My mom works for Governor Abercrombie as the newly appointed Director of Executive Office of Early Learning. In layman’s terms, she oversees the state’s preschools and early education system, and is the coolest.

Breathtaking sunsets. Here we are, enjoying the view from a dinner cruise boat.

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