Baby #2 Pregnancy: 27 Weeks

The second trimester is coming to a close!

Baby Alexandra makes her presence known by squirming and kicking me in the gut constantly. I think she may turn out to be a soccer player. Several nights ago, I felt her hiccuping for the first time (one of my favorite moments of pregnancy!).

My back and sides hurt, with all the extra weight I’m carrying around. Stretching, massages, and frequently changing positions help to relieve the pain. I’m trying to stay active, even though my instinct is to just lounge on the couch. My usual exercise is 30 minutes of stationary biking a few times a week, with some push ups and bicep curls thrown in for good measure. The other day I did Zoomba for the first time; it was fun, but I’m certain that I looked ridiculous!

I have also been trying to eat healthy food, and detox from eating like crap during the first trimester. Luckily, fresh California produce is abundant right now. Strawberries, peaches, grapes…yum!

Since baby Alex will be born in Hawaii, we need to find ourselves a new doctor and hospital. It also means that we are going minimalist with baby gear and clothes. This little girl is going to live the simple, beach life for her first few months.

Hopefully this second pregnancy and delivery will be just as complication-free as our first.

We can’t wait to meet you, little girl!

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