Granola wedding favors for Katy’s wedding. I baked a massive amount of my Cranberry & Almond blend to fill 70 bags.

Made the necessary stop for Leonard’s malasadas. Took home a box of them, but first ate a hot, fresh one in the middle of the parking lot. Totally worth it.
Dad, me & mom at Katy’s wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony and reception, on an incredible ranch on Oahu. 
Though the four-day trip felt way too short, it was good to be home. Oh, and we will actually be back in Hawaii in a few short weeks from now. Steve and I were granted a 6-month sabbatical from our work (from July-December), and we are going to spend the entire half year living in Hawaii. No work, lots of rest, extended time with family, and an abundance of good beaches and local food. I can’t wait!

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