In Baby News

We are officially having a little GIRL!

The doctor gave us the good news on Friday as he conducted our mid-pregnancy ultrasound. Just like I do during every ultrasound appointment I cried. That’s not necessarily saying a whole lot, since I cry during iPad commercials. But my tears at the news of our daughter came out of a deep sense of joy. Since the doctor’s appointment, I have been just so excited as I consider what it will be like to welcome a girl into our family.

My relationship with my own mother is incredibly special to me, and significant in who I am as a woman. I want an opportunity to have that with my own daughter. I want a daughter to nurture and raise and develop into a woman. I want to teach her how to be a person of strength, justice, and compassion. Also, I want to do fun mother-daughter things like style her hair, talk about boys, and show her how to be a master chef.

Our little unborn daughter already has a name: Alexandra, which means “defender of men.” We chose the name because it captures both beauty and strength. Plus, Alex is such a cool, feisty nickname.

We can’t wait for our lovely Alex to arrive in late-August!

6 thoughts on “In Baby News

  1. Congrats! My official name is Alejandra but was called Alexandra and Alex my whole life (I grew up in France), so I find it pretty cool that you like that name enough to call your daughter like that!


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