My Life in Verbs

Celebrating Steve’s cousin’s wedding in Sacramento, CA. Side note: my Infinity/Convertible dress (which I’ve worn at 120 lbs. up to 150 lbs.) is pure magic.

Enjoying… a week of fun and family in Northern California. We spent time in Lodi with Steve’s side of the family, and also had a day trip in Palo Alto with my brother, sister-in-law, niece, and several longtime friends. I am really not ready to head back to LA in two days.  

Anticipating… finding out baby #2’s gender at our ultrasound appointment later this week.

Trying… to kick this annoying cold. I’ve been sick for a week, which is a pain, especially while I’m pregnant and already so tired.

Wanting… summer weather to arrive. Our BBQ, sangria pitcher, and porch are ready to get some good use this year!

Reading… Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card (again, as a review before I read the next book in the series) and Crazy Love by Francis Chan.

Wondering… if I’m the last person on earth to watch the Hunger Games. We’re seeing it tonight, and I can’t wait. Eeee!

Watching Game of Thrones. So good. You really should jump on board if you haven’t already.

Your turn! Share a verb or two of your own in the comments.

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