Pregnancy #2 Developments – Week 15

We’re at week 15 of this pregnancy, and in the second trimester…hurray!

The last few weeks were characterized by fatigue and nausea, but now I’m feeling a lot better. I also went through a crazy growth spurt, eating EVERYTHING in sight. For a while, I really craved burgers, Mexican food, anything with bread or cheese. Now my diet seems to be back to normal, which is a relief.

My belly has popped out, and I am already having to move up in jeans sizes. Thank God for drawstring yoga pants. By the end of each day, I feel so heavy and uncomfortable that all I want to do is change into pajamas and lounge on the sofa.

I am continuing my normal 4-5 times per week exercise routine, and hope to keep it up for most of the pregnancy. Physical activity plus lots of sleep are fueling my energy during the day when I am not only pregnant, but having to keep up with an active 2-year-old boy.

One of my favorite things about this second pregnancy is that our firstborn, Aaron, gets to be involved. He is excited about having a baby in mommy’s tummy, and constantly talks to my belly. Today he laid his head on my stomach, and said, “Baby, you sneeze? (pause) Oh, good.” His tender kisses and frequent mentions of the baby are incredibly endearing. Aaron also says he will share his bed and toys with the baby. We should probably get that statement on video, in case he needs a reminder of that in the future.

In a few weeks, we will find out the gender of the baby. We all feel differently about whether it is a boy or a girl. I hope it’s a girl, but have no real gut intuition. Steve thinks it’s a boy, since this pregnancy seems similar to our first one. And according to Aaron, the baby’s gender is different on any given day.

There is a lot to do and think about as we transition to having an additional little one in our lives, but mostly, we’re simply excited and enjoying the anticipation.

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