Can Marriage Withstand Five Finger Shoes?

Let me preface this post by iterating just how much I adore and respect my husband.

Okay, now that that is clear, Steve did something last week that almost made me choke on my food.

He bought a pair of these:

Vibram Five Finger Shoes. Have you seen these? They promise to give the wearer a “barefoot experience,” minus the shards of glass or dog poop one might step on. The basic idea is that one gets to wear shoes without really wearing shoes. I have absolutely no problem with the philosophy and potential benefits of barefoot running. All that sounds fine to me. What I do have a problem with is that these shoes look completely and utterly RIDICULOUS.

They simultaneously remind me of gloves, scuba diving gear, and condoms. Condoms worn on feet. Gross. Just looking at them weirds me out. When people actually wear them, echkk.

For the first time in our marriage, I pulled veto power, and created a rule for my husband: under no circumstances is Steve allowed to wear these while we are together in public.

So far, he has been a trooper, and worn these when I’m not around. Let’s hope for the sake of our marriage (and fashion) that continues.

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