DIY 2012

I have a long list of craft projects that I mean to work on when I have the time and inspiration. The problem is, that list keeps growing, and “when I have the time and inspiration” never really happens. So in the spirit of a new year with new habits, I am starting a year-long project: DIY 2012.

This year I will complete one craft project per month. As with My 2012 Habits, I invite any of you to create your own list of DIY projects for the year. Pinterest is a great (and frighteningly addicting) way to collect, organize and share your own craft ideas.

Here are my 12 projects:

Wrap Turned Scarf

Heart-Shaped Rainbow Crayons

Paint Aaron’s Bedroom

Citrus Salt Scrub

Coffee Table

Etched Glass

T-Shirt Bags


Antilles Tank

Felt Corner Bookmark

Homemade Finger Paint

Monogrammed Mugs

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