Caribbean Vacation

Our Caribbean trip was all kinds of amazing. We spent a week aboard a Carnival cruise ship, and visited six different islands. On the way to San Juan, Puerto Rico (where we were to board the ship), we flew first class. Yup, it’s as awesome as people say it is.

The various islands were spectacular. Our general plan for each stop was this: wear swim suits all day long, hang out at a great beach, drink a tropical cocktail (usually rum punch), and walk around town and experience some of the local people and foods. It was a good plan.

In the evenings, we’d hop back on the cruise ship, and enjoy a long night of elegant dinner, dancing, and comedy shows. The food was incredible, and I think I may have eaten my weight in melting chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream.

The best part of the trip, though, was simply being with my husband. With our current life of parenting, different jobs, and other responsibilities, it was truly a luxury to spend extended, fun time together. We talked about our hopes for our future, laughed together, and just enjoyed being partners and friends.


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