A Fond Farewell

Last week we said goodbye to Jean McGuffee, Steve’s grandmother.

She passed away peacefully, having lived a long and full life. We had a chance to see her one final time, and it was a moment that I was grateful for.

I knew her to be extremely loving toward others. She was a wonderful storyteller, recalling long lost memories of her childhood or past friends. She stood by her opinions, and often made them known with great flair, feistiness, and humor. I personally experienced her welcoming spirit, as she embraced me as one of her own grandchildren.

One striking picture of love in Grandma’s life was in her relationship with her husband. Every year on their anniversary, the two of them would plant a rose bush in their garden. When Grandma became ill and needed to live in a nursing home, Grandpa would visit her daily. Now and then, he would cut several roses from their garden, and bring them to her.

Grandma experienced an abundant earthly life, and she has moved on to an even better eternity.

Goodbye, Grandma.

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