My Life in Verbs

Anticipating… my husband’s return from a two-week trip to Poland. I experienced life as a single parent for a short moment (which was quite enough for me and the kiddo), which is my excuse for the minimal blog activity lately. We are extremely excited to have Steve back home with us in a few days. 

Trying… to make our ancient 100-year old house more our own. I recently repainted our kitchen a lovely sunflower yellow, and am thrilled with the results. Cheerier, more lively, and just plain cuter. My next painting project: the bathroom, which is currently about 7 different shades of off-white.

Enjoying… the outdoors and gorgeous summer. We’ve been getting together with family and friends for picnics and evening dinners on the porch, Aaron and I are in taking parent & baby swim lessons with several other friends, and I spend at least part of my day outside in my sunglasses and a sundress. I love this weather, and all the pleasures it brings.

Reading… Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (for the third time, just for fun), and The Emotional Life of the Toddler by Alicia F. Lieberman (so I don’t completely mess up my child before the age of five).

Wondering… how people survive the toddler stage with their children. Every day I feel completely wiped out by my very loved but very exhausting son. As I read parenting books, ask others for advice, and receive moral support from my mom and friends, I am in awe of every other parent who has been on this same journey.

Watching Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. It is mind-blowing to see the transformation that an individual can go through in a single year. Chris Powell, the trainer on the show, is nothing less than amazing at what he does.

Loving… our evolving living community. When we purchased our multi-unit home last year, we had the dream of making it into a place of intentional relationships and interdependence with others. Since then several friends and newcomers have joined our community, and it is gradually becoming a place of family. We have weekly meals and fellowship together, and a community garden is currently in the works. Communes aren’t just for hippies!

So what’s new with you, friend? Share a verb or two of your own in the comments.

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