Garden Tour

My small garden has been flourishing in the California weather. I planted mostly herbs and vegetables, since cooking homegrown food delights my soul. We have a sizable front yard, but I started with a little garden in one corner, mostly because I wanted to keep it manageable.

I build a 4×4 foot raised garden for about $20 of supplies at Home Depot, and followed the planting instructions of my gardening Bible, All New Square Foot Gardening.
This Roma tomato bush went from a tiny 5-inch plant to a gargantuan out-of-control monster that invaded its cage and the surrounding plants. I now have more tomatoes than I know what to do with. Homemade fire-roasted tomatoes, tomato & corn salad, and a tomato tart have all been made, and there’s still a ton of tomatoes on the vines.

Lemongrass shrub. It was here when we bought the house last year, and remains hearty with absolutely zero maintenance.

Little rosemary, I truly hope you flourish into one of those huge bushes I see in my neighbors’ yards. I promise to use you well in bread, potatoes and other delicious fare.

This is supposed to be eggplant. It has barely grown since I planted it, but I’m still hopeful.

Yellow squash. Love! This fellow was planted from seed. Starting a plant from one tiny seed takes a giant leap of faith and a lot of watering.

Thai basil…so pretty with its green and purple leaves.

Italian basil. Why does my basil never ever look as good as the potted ones at Trader Joe’s?

Lemon thyme. It is fragrant and herbaceous (which by the way, is one of my favorite culinary terms of all time). Really good on roasted vegetables. 

There you have it! Is anyone else gardening these days?

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