Mid-Year 2011 Resolutions Assessment

We are midway through the year 2011, people! Does that blow your mind or what?

I was reading through my Changes for the New Year and 2011 Resolutions Assessment, and thinking about what I’ve accomplished so far with my various goals since then. Here’s an update.

1. DIY. I currently have many ongoing DIY projects, including growing vegetables and herbs in the garden, and making bread and healthy snacks (like chewy granola bars and cheese crackers) for our family. There are several minor house changes I’ve made, like swapping out our living room blinds for some new curtains, and redecorating the front porch. Here are some other crafty projects I’ve been wanting to try, namely this cute summer scarf.

2. Exercise three times a week. Check! I’ve been exercising frequently, mostly during Aaron’s midday naps. For me, the most motivating reason to exercise is to maintain energy throughout the day. On the days I don’t exercise, I experience a major energy loss, particularly in the late afternoon. Yay for exercise that keeps me energetic enough to keep up with my always on-the-go kid.

3. De-accumulate. I’m continuing to methodically go through our bookshelves and closets, and finding things to throw or give away. In order to approach this goal from another angle, I am trying to minimize the purchases of new things. As much as possible, I’ve been re-purposing things we already have, or borrowing from friends. One example: I was about to purchase a new staple gun from Amazon (Amazon Prime free shipping makes it so simple to just click and buy!), but then I wondered if any of our friends might already own one. Lo and behold, one of our next door neighbors has a staple gun to lend out.

4. Write a book. My book is still in its baby stage. I have felt a lack of creative writing inspiration. Even when I make the time to sit down and write, very few ideas come my way. Any thoughts on how to approach this one, dear readers? Is creative inspiration sometimes a dormant, elusive thing that just needs some time and space to simmer?

5. Watch less TV. Aside from Top Chef Masters (which just wrapped up), and a daily episode of Jeopardy (which has become something of a ritual in our house), I don’t follow other shows. There are other activities that I have found to be much more enjoyable, like playing outside with Aaron, cooking, and reading. I recently discovered several $1 books at a used bookstore, and have been reading my way through the stack. Right now I’m in the beginnings of The Bookseller of Kabul.

6. When in need of help, ask for it. This one is a work in progress. A few weeks ago I had a perfect opportunity to ask for help. Aaron and I were both sick with colds, and Steve got picked to be on the jury for a week-long trial. Completely overwhelmed and exhausted, I needed to ask several friends for some serious babysitting help. A few wonderful people dropped in to help out, and I was left sane and grateful.

7. Be present to my loved ones. Another work in progress. My mantra lately has been, “Slow down and focus.” I’m generally a hurried person, and if undisciplined, I can turn into a multitasking mess. But in my heart, I know that relationships with people are more important than just about anything else in my life. And so I am working on really seeing and listening to people around me. One thing we are doing as a family is nightly dinner, meant to be focused, unhurried time together.

Okay, your turn. How are you doing with your new year resolutions? Do you have any tips on how to keep them?

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