Things I Learned From My Dad

My father and me. Thankfully, I lost the bowl haircut. Sadly, my dad did not.

In my thirty years of life, my dad has taught me many things. Some of these lessons were direct statements (usually met by my siblings and me rolling our eyes), some of them came from how my dad lives his life. Whether intended or unintended, many of these lessons continue to stay with me today. I love and respect my father, and am grateful for the ways he has taught and shaped me. Here are some of the lessons I learned from my father:

  • Be frugal with money. Save a lot, clip coupons, buy items on sale, ask for a doggie bag for restaurant leftovers, reuse plastic food containers, and look for good deals.  
  • Use spell check.
    • Don’t waste your appetite on rice or potatoes at a buffet. Go straight for the prime rib and chocolate dessert.
    • How to drive a car.
    • Seventies classic rock is the superior music genre.
    • Listen to the other person, and seek to understand their perspective. When in doubt, ask questions.

    • Peanut butter and chocolate are always delicious together (even on Spam).
      • Invest money wisely.
      • Hard work builds character (especially when that work involves pulling weeds in the front yard).
      • How to turn packaged ramen into a gourmet meal. The key is adding a poached egg. 
      • Having fancy things isn’t very important.
      • Generosity towards others is important. If you can meet a person’s needs, do it.
      • Most things are fine in moderation. This applies to television, dessert, and playing video games, among many other things.
      • How to change a tire. 
      • A cheesy t-shirt brightens everyone’s day. One of my dad’s classic shirts read “Ho, Ho, Ho” and had brightly blinking Christmas lights. He wore it on many occasions that weren’t even remotely near the holiday season. This, of course, was mortifying for an adolescent girl trying to fit in with her peers.
      • Always, always buy Honda.
      • Most seemingly spoiled food is still edible (especially cheese).

      Thank you, Dad, for all the life lessons. I wouldn’t be the same person without them. Happy Father’s Day.

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