My Life in Verbs

The last time I posted My Life in Verbs was in March, and I made the prediction that it was going to be a good month. Well, it turned out to be a pretty difficult month, so it just goes to show that I shouldn’t go into the fortune-telling field. We recently had some difficult challenges as a family, but in the aftermath of it all, we are doing alright.

Celebrating… our upcoming five-year wedding anniversary. We’re planning to do something really special to celebrate, and have some fun ideas in the works. Five years later, and I am more convinced than ever that I hit the jackpot with the man I married.

Wanting… to do lots of fun family activities this summer. We have annual Disneyland passes…yay! We also plan to spend time at the beach, visit family in Northern California, attend several weddings, and visit the San Diego Zoo during the lovely warm season.

Trying… to cook healthier meals for our family. For the most part, we eat relatively healthy, homemade food. But with a growing toddler who needs nutrient-rich food, and two parents who are working on healthy lifestyles, I am working on even more conscious cooking. “Less fat and sugar, more vegetables, and balanced meals” has been my mantra when shopping for groceries or cooking meals.

Reading… nothing at the moment, but searching for some good fiction. Any suggestions? I may read Harry Potter 7 (for the fifth time) to quell my excitement for the movie.

Wondering… how long I can continue to go without buying any new clothes and accessories. So far my clothing hiatus has been great, but with a new season and new fashion, I can feel my willpower starting to wane. Also, my sunglasses are embarrassingly scuffed up, and I could really use a pair that I can actually see through.

Loving… an extended visit with my parents and in-laws. We have my mom and dad staying with us for a week, and then will spend next week with Steve’s parents on Catalina Island. It’s great to have time with our awesome family. Bonus: grandparents are hands down the best babysitters!

So what’s new with you? Share a verb or two of your own in the comments.

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