Why I Love Being a Mother

This Sunday is Mother’s Day (don’t forget to call your mommy!). We’ll also be celebrating Aaron’s 2-year birthday that day, which seems appropriate, since he’s the sole reason that I am in the Mother’s Club. On top of that, both my mom and Steve’s mom will be visiting, so it will be a great time to have as a family.

I was thinking about what it has been like to be a mother for two years (only two?!). It has been quite a journey. Motherhood has been full of challenges, laughter, crying, and wonderful moments. There have been times when tears well up, because I want a particular instance to be etched in my memory forever. And then there are the times when I am at the end of my patience, and on the verge of violently pulling my hair out.

But if I had to choose one word to describe my experience of motherhood, it would be joy. The last two years with Aaron in our lives have been filled with joy. Here are some of the particular joys and reasons I love being a mom:

  1. I get to read with my son (even if it’s Pajama Time! for the fifteenth night in a row). 
  2. I get to spend most of my time with my son. I have the privilege of working part-time from home, and this allows me to be with Aaron a lot. I do not take that for granted, especially since many parents don’t have the ability to do this.
  3. My son gives the best kisses and hugs.
  4. I get to witness other people’s love for my son. Friends volunteer to babysit, people love to make Aaron laugh, and strangers stop to smile and say hello. 
  5. My son keeps me active. Seriously, running around after a toddler is practically all the physical exercise I need these days.
  6. My son makes us laugh all the time. 
  7. I get to draw with sidewalk chalk, play with play-doh, blow bubbles, and dance around the living room to silly kid music.
  8. I get to watch my husband be a father.
  9. I love hearing “mommy” (even when it’s at 5 o’clock in the morning).
  10. Every day, my son is growing, learning and exploring.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there!

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